DIAL2DO – Verbally Text While Driving + More For $39.99 A Year

For the people who find it mandatory to text while they drive, there is a solution that make you a more responsible person. More responsible to your fellow human beings who must share the road with you while your vehicle wanders from lane to lane, while the rest of us avoid you like the plague. There is an option that will allow you to use voice commands to test while you drive. For as little as $39.99 a year you can sign up for the service from Dial2Do which allows the using to do the following actions:

Dial2Do is available in over 20 countries, and when you sign up Dial2Do will send you a Text Message with a local number for you to call.

To get things done handsfree:

  1. Just Dial the phone number you received when you registered
  2. Say what you want to do (for example, say “reminder” to just email yourself a reminder)
  3. Wait a couple of seconds for the recording to stop (or just hang up)

Here are the most common voice commands for your HandsFreeAssistant:

“Send an email” [1] or “Send an email to Lisa” –  Send an Email (if you don’t say the recipient, you’ll be prompted to say it later)

“Listen to my email” [2] – Get your email read out to you. While listening you can say “next email” [3], “send a reply” [4] or “block sender” [5]. If you are on a speakerphone and need to interrupt just say “listen” [#]

“Send a text” [3] or “Send a text to Bart” – Send a Text message (if you don’t say the recipient, you’ll be prompted to say it later)

There is a listing of additional features that you can also use. Check out the Dial2Do website here for more voice commends.

There is also a free trial that you can try to see how it works and take Dial2Do for a test drive. Check out their site for additional information.

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