Should Educators Embrace the Fact That They Are Biased?

One of Chris Pirillo’s latest blog entries,, caught my attention as I was nosing through Facebook this morning. One of the commentators (on the Facebook announcement) had said something about cloud education shouldn’t be biased. The problem with that is that it is impossible to make education unbiased. If you do try to remove all bias, it becomes incredibly bland. Try reading a book written in AP style (like my journalism text book). It’s incredibly bland, boring and laborious to read.
Would it be a better educational experience if an educator stated that they are biased? For example, say you go to a history class for the first day and your instructor states that they are heavily biased towards the left. That would tell you how that how they teach shows primarily the leftist way of thinking about it. If you went to a different history class and that instructor stated that their views aligned heavily to the right, you would know that the events in the class would demonstrate primarily the way conservatives view the events. I believe this would put more perspective into the class.
Now say that we start keeping tabs on what teachers lean which way, what happens if there is a large amount of teachers who lean left as opposed to lean right? Would you hire more teachers who lean right to help balance it out? Would there be a sort of affirmative action, but in the political spectrum? Then would you have schools, states, etc being sued because they’re being more partial to one political party?
I want to know what you think, would it be better for educators to embrace and state what their bias is rather than say nothing and let their actions decide?

A little about my bias: I am a conservative. I’m not a Reagan conservative, but I’m also not a George Bush conservative. I’m a Christopher Lee “swordofdestiny” Johnson conservative. I don’t model myself after other conservatives, I listen to an argument, research a little about it and then decide what I feel about it. Unless I’m bogged down by schoolwork, I generally pay a bit of attention to the #politics channel on