Firefox Add-On Adds Text To Voice

Using technology from Vozme service, Firefox users can use the add-on to turn text into voice. The authors claim that the technology is simple to use and that voice quality is good. The English language is fully supported as well as languages in Spanish, Hindi and Italian. The author also states on the add-on site:

Here comes a speaking add-on. Literally, it speaks. Did you ever come across a word which you were not sure how to pronounce? Ever wondered an easy way to hear the word? This add-on is surely going to get a place on your best buddies list. You only need to select the word/words to be pronounced and click the button on the bottom right of your browser. That’s all. Your new buddy is going to say the word/words for you.

You can even download what you just heard. Yes, an audio file in mp3 format can be downloaded from the same page. Right click on ‘download mp3’ link, select ‘save link as’, select location on your computer and it downloads the mp3 audio file there. Cheers!!!

I download the add-on and gave it a try. It is simple to use. You just highlight the text you wish to transfer to voice and click on a speaker icon located at the bottom right corner of the browser. It does work. Some of the words were hard to understand, but you are still able to get the gist of the conversation.I think this is a handy tool if you want to get the correct pronunciation of a word.

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Voice to Text add-on here