Browser Screen Helping To Erode Microsoft Shares

Though  Microsoft still owns a major share of the browser market in Europe, the browser screen, which gives users a choice when installing or upgrading to Windows 7, has been taking little bites out of the Internet Explorer [Exploder!] usage numbers.


“Most PC users hit the web using Internet Explorer by default, simply because that’s what came along with Windows. Now, after antitrust investigations, European users get a choice of browser to install via ballot screen, and initial reports are not good for ol’ IE. According to Statcounter, IE use in France has dropped 2.5 percent since last month’s implementation of the ballot, 1.3 percent in Italy, and 1 percent in Britain. It’s still early days, and it’ll take more than this to chip away from IE’s 62 percent lead in the browser war, but it’s certainly not a good trend for Microsoft. With that in mind, we’re going to have to ask you to place your bets now.”

Microsoft wants to make inroads with Internet Explorer [Exploder] 9, and its changes that will bring speed to the lackadaisical browser, but that will not make people happy unless security concerns are also addressed. Though Microsoft states that Internet Exploder 8 is the most secure browser they have ever offered, that is like saying that the Hummer H3 is the most nimble vehicle that Hummer ever released, and then pitting it against a BMW in an autocross race, where handling matters. The lumbering, and underpowered H3 is no match for the handling and speed of the Bimmer. In the browser wars, Internet Explorer is like a car competing in a race designed for 8 cylinder cars using only 5 cylinders – not very competitive, and certainly not exciting.

So it is with the Microsoft offerings, and more people awake to the situation each day.


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