Death to People Who Put Bunny Ears on Pets

18 Demoralized Animals Wearing Easter Bunny Ears (Pics)

Those poor pets…

Obama touts healthcare reform benefit to business

Forgets to mention price tag…

Pope has immunity in abuse trials: Vatican

Nice deal, Nazi.

Study: Soda Taxes Don’t Reduce Child Obesity

They have a lot of involvement in Legislative Stupidity

Condoms ‘can help tackle poverty’

Interesting thought from a Catholic leader.

Court Says Bush Illegally Wiretapped Two Americans


BlackBerry Black Holes on Capitol Hill

And you thought healthcare was a mess..

Get well now

For a free car?  You betcha.

Tryptophan Shown To Reduce Aggression In Pigs

Also in fat relatives on Thanksgiving.

7 Things That Are Easier To Do In Ubuntu Than In Windows