A New Fee for Air Travellers – Charges for Carry-on Luggage

By now, it comes as no surprise that airlines come up with creative ways to charge passengers additional fees. This new charge, however, seems totally unfair. Travellers may want to avoid the checked luggage fees by just having a carry-on piece. That carry-on baggage will be charged in the future by one air carrier:

“Spirit Airlines will soon be the first of the major U.S. airlines to charge passengers to carry on their luggage.

Beginning in August, the carrier will slap on an additional fee of up to $45 for any bags placed in overhead bins, the carrier said Tuesday.”

link: Spirit Airlines to charge $45 for carry-on luggage

Once Spirit Airlines starts to use the overhead bins as a means to generate revenue, undoubtedly other airlines will follow. It seems that paying for the airline ticket is just the first expense. It starts a process whereby the airlines try to extract as much revenue from the traveller before reaching the destination. It really is exploiting the traveller in as many ways as possible – and it is legal.

Catherine Forsythe