A Better Engine Makes For A Better Ride

That’s always been my finding. In the case of browsers, it means that an updated WebKit, revision 2, will allow better performance and still better security.

This should mean that new versions of Safari, Chrome, SRWare Iron, and Comodo Dragon will be coming soon, though it may be some time before we see products that fully exploit the benefits of the engine. (When you swap a larger engine into a car, the performance difference is not nearly as large as when the fuel delivery system and exhaust system are changed to feed the larger engine.)


Apple developers working on the open source WebKit layout engine (used for Safari and Chrome) have sent a memo to announce that very soon they will start providing landing patches for WebKit2. According to the devs, the upcoming framework, which is made for Mac and Windows (but can be ported for other platforms), boasts native support for process splitting, meaning that, like the Chrome browser, it will run tabs in separate sandboxes.
The split process model enables enhanced security and, more importantly, extra stability, as a tab crash will only close that exact tab and not the whole browser. WebKit2 is also built so as to provide a stable C-based non-blocking API, the idea here being to "make the API usable while still providing a comprehensive set of features to the embedder."
There’s no word yet on when we’ll be seeing the first WebKit2-based browser builds but we’re hoping for a relatively short wait.

I wonder how the non-Webkit browsers will deal with the changes. Should there be not much speed increase, there may be little concern for the Internet Exploder, Mozilla, and Opera users. On the other hand, if a big jump in any part of measured execution takes place, there will have to be an answer from those non-Webkit camps – because as recent history has shown, speed is the metric that matters most to the majority of users.


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