Droid Shorts

No, these are not pants with phones on them.

You can sign up to beta-test Flash 10.1 here.  From reading the Android bulletin boards, this is one of the most anticipated programs yet.

As you might guess, I will not be among the drooling hordes. Flash is causing enough grief on desktops; I’d rather not open my phone to these and future vulnerabilities.

Flash is expected to be released the first half of this year.


leftystrat’s Launcher Follies

I wasn’t particularly fond of the stock launcher so I tried others.  I wound up with Panda, which seemed to suit my needs best.  When the Android 2.1 update came out, I tried it, hoping it would eliminate the need for an aftermarket launcher.

It did not.  In fact, I’m not sure there’s much about the 2.1 update for me at all.

Inspired by a post over at Droid Life, I installed HelixLauncher2.

My main complaint about most launchers is no convenient way to categorize applications, other than putting folders on the desktop.  Panda had two `drawers’ where you could put things (left and right pullouts).  I don’t see much like this on other home replacements.

Helix does not have drawers either.  It has other interesting features, such as:

  • up to seven screens
  • four static launchers on a bottom bar
  • long-press option to add things to desktops
  • all sorts of gee-whiz motion wallpaper options
  • full screen option (kills upper task bar)
  • many advanced shortcut options

Thus far Helix seems to be performing nicely.  It feels a bit laggy but I want to give it a few days.  Instead of drawers I used screens: one for audio, one for system, etc.