Earth Shattering! Google Chrome Removes http:// – How Will We Survive?

In the recent developers version of Google’s Chrome browser, the http:// has been removed, causing quite a stir among some. I found it interesting only as far as the removal of http:// was long overdue. Most Web browser users do not even care and wouldn’t even miss it. But for some this seemed to be an earth shattering revelation.  For those that do not know it, the http stands for hypertext transfer protocol. Aren’t you glad that you stopped by to learn this important fact? LOL

A recent news article also stated the following:

The reason behind this change is obvious: the URL scheme bears little meaning to most people using a browser – they know it’s there and how to type it, but it doesn’t indicate anything to them. Since computing has been about abstracting away complexity for a while now, it was only a matter of time before browser makers started removing this piece of web history.

That being said, I’m not at all in agreement with the “solution” Google is presenting here. Hiding complexity is not a solution – it’s just hiding something. It’s like Mac OS X hiding away the UNIX file system layout madness with a layer of kid-friendly directories; it only makes things look pretty – it doesn’t actually solve the underlying problem. You can cover up that pile of mangled corpses in your bedroom with a flower-patterned table cloth, but that doesn’t actually address the problem of there being a pile of mangled corpses in your bedroom.

Like I said, some people really care about this kind of stuff. But for the rest of us, life moves on. At least for those of us who actually have a life; I consider myself one that does.

What do you think? Do you care? And, if so, why?

Comments welcome.