TeamViewer For Linux?

Just a few months ago, trying to accomplish (secure) remote desktop access to another computer, took a bit of planning and setup. You either had to use SSH with X-Forwarding or perhaps SSH through NoMachine.

Today there is another alternative, it’s called TeamViewer. Designed originally for Windows and OS X, I was interested in learning that they also produced a new beta ready to be used by Linux enthusiasts.

As it turns out, the beta itself is the Windows version, tweaked up a bit with WINE. But much to my amazement, it works like a rock star on Ubuntu 9.10. Connecting to my desktop (dual screens) from my notebook, I found that I was presented with a black screen. But after adjusting the software’s resolution setting, it clear right up.

The advantages here include:

  • Zero port forwarding or router testing.
  • Connect to any platform.
  • Any odd resolution changes made to an Ubuntu host when connecting to it, resolve upon reseting the computer.