Who’s On First? Flip Camera!

Walmart gets crowded on the weekends. I refuse to shop there during the day. I wait until late at night to get my shopping done. At 2am this past weekend I was in the market for a Flip Video Camera. If you’re not familiar with these cameras, note that the brand name is ‘Flip’, since it matters in this story. The name of the camera would cause my own Abbott and Costello “Who’s On First” act, as well as my own personal hell with a Walmart employee.

If you need to purchase electronics that are locked in a case at 2am from Walmart, they have an employee that will remove the product for you, then take it up front when you’re ready to check out. So I did the rest of my shopping, and headed for the checkout counter. Here’s how the conversation went with the checkout person.

Walmart Employee: Hi! Did you find everything OK?
Me: Yeah, and I have a camera waiting for me at Customer Service.
Walmart Employee: OK, what kind?
Me: It’s a Flip camera!
Wal-Mart Employee: OK, what is the brand name?
Me: Flip.

*Walmart employee walks away with a confused look on his face.*
*Walmart employee returns*

Walmart Employee: What was the brand name of the camera again?
Me: It’s a Flip camera. You know, the little video cameras. It’s white, and the brand name is Flip.

*Walmart employee walks away.*
*Walmart employee returns with a Sony camera in his hands.*

Wal-Mart Employee: Is this it?
Me: No. It’s a ‘Flip’ camera!
Walmart Employee: I KNOW, BUT WHAT BRAND?!?!
Me: Flip. It’s a Flip camera. Flip is the brand name. It will say Flip in big letters on the box.

*Walmart employee walks away.*
*Walmart employee returns with an HP camera in his hands.*

Walmart Employee: Is this it?
Me: Never mind. I’ll order it online.
Walmart Employee: No, I’m finding this thing! What brand did you say it was again?
Me: *Doesn’t say anything*

Finally we discovered that my Flip camera had actually been walked back to the electronics department accidentally. They thought it was a returned item that was to be placed back in stock. I finished the purchase with 8 waiting and angry customers behind me.

Oh, and when the Walmart employee found the camera, he looked at the box and said “Oh, it IS a Flip camera!”