WeatherBug Browser Theme For Firefox

Many Firefox enthusiasts have long since enjoyed using WeatherBug in extension form with their Firefox browser. It provides all the functionality anyone could ever wish for, plus the fact that it’s providing live, accurate weather data is a really cool bonus as well.

But what about something for those of you who are say, a bit more visual? Well hold onto your hats, folks. You about to be introduced to a whole new integrated weather experience.

Weather Browser Theme Powered by WeatherBug

In a partnership between Brand Thunder and WeatherBug, a new interactive/dynamic Firefox theme was created. Designed to be a visual experience, it installs as a FireFox extension while acting as a Firefox theme.

Features included are:

  • Current conditions.
  • Dynamically changing theme that reflects your current conditions. So when it’s sunny, the theme shows sunshine based theme. Raining or thunderstorm, same applies.
  • Up to a three day forecast.
  • Wind speed.
  • Defaults the search engine to Bing and opening up a new Firefox tab, brings up a Bing page. Default search can be changed back to Google easily just like before the theme was install though.

So there you have it. An interactive theme that creates an dynamic experience for those looking to take their existing WeatherBug Firefox extension, to the next level.