Big Changes For The Enterprise?

Today, I noticed that the feeds for ZDNet were not updating, and so, after some investigation, I found that the entire site has changed. Morphed is what my son would say. It has become completely face lifted, and much of it looks good, but what is strange is that I had to look around to see that RSS feeds are still supplied.

They are, but it is not easily seen. You have to look beyond the connections for Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, which fall to the right of the page very prominently. With those, there are also the options for news letters,  so e-mail contact still seems to be available easily.

For others, like me, who prefer their news aggregated by a reader, there are feeds still around, but they are broken apart more than ever, and there appears to be no way to get the full menu in one shot.

This happened on a couple of other sites I visit by way of RSS feeds, so I suppose it is a changing of the ways that many will do things, but I have yet to see how something like Facebook or Twitter is more efficient than an RSS reader for getting to the meat of the matters.