Where Is The Populist Anger Over The Destruction of An Ecosystem?

It is a certain thing that there is populist anger in this country on several fronts; the problems with illegal immigration, the lack of jobs, and the pushback from those who are against the ideas of universal health care. Each of these driving forces is manifest in a different way, but all are showing as a bellwether of a population growing increasingly out of sorts with itself, and with the ideas of living together in a happy compromise.

For each of the above problems, an early and efficient solution is of tantamount importance, but the anger that lives with each of those groups joined to a problem is making the big picture distort, and far too many cannot see how the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico could be leading to a state where no one will be concerned over the things that held such importance.

The New York Times has an article today that I read with such dismay that it was hard to finish. The impact of an area so large, completely destroyed, is something that others, watching from a distance, should not discount, for it will be soon be that the unabated spill will get carried across the entire planet.

We have seen how the ocean currents work, and little children in school learn about the Gulf Stream, and how it makes places in high latitudes, such as the United Kingdom, have such pleasant climates. Those currents will carry the uncontrolled oil into the upper latitudes of the Atlantic, and from there down the western coast of Africa. The changes this will make may be so large as to be the complete undoing of enough area on the planet as to be unrecoverable at present population levels.

That is one thing I believe that many of the papers don’t make plain enough – the planet will survive. Some species will be hardy enough to survive. Humans will survive.

But what so many should be asking is whether they will themselves survive.

I would think that, upon that recognition of possibility, there would be such anger over the looming disruption of life that people would be flocking to telephones, telling their elected officials that they want change – so that they can live. Along with that sentiment, I should think a fair number will decide that having health care might be a good thing, that we are part of the same planet, and so the brown skinned people from Central and South America are not the concern they once were, and instead of throwing rallies and talking about teabags, they would be studying every piece of information available on each candidate in an upcoming election, and thereby hoping to make the very best choice – so that we can continue to live with hope and peace.


Quote of the day:
I never did give them hell. I just told the truth, and they thought it was hell.

– Harry S Truman

[when addressing the blame everyone else strategy of those involved in the Gulf disaster, I believe we saw President Obama channeling a bit of Harry Truman – it was a great sight!]


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