California Governor’s Race – Selling the State to the Highest Bidder

If the people on the East Coast ever had proof of their suspicions of lunacy in California, it would not be any more convincing than the climate of the current gubernatorial race, complete with two “goobers” for the job.

It is clear that Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner must both be charter members of the megalomaniacs club, and any doubt of the lows to which they will go to buy the job is immediately extinguished when the first television commercial from either of them is viewed.

The level of hatred for each other, the Mexican people, and Barbara Boxer is palpable in these smarmy vignettes, which are so full of attacks on each other that I can’t see anyone who normally votes Republican casting a vote for either of them. [If these accusations were not true, they no doubt would be part of a landslide of slander and libel lawsuits in both directions. Since there are no suits pending, they must be at least partly true. Partly true on any count should be enough to remove any chance of a vote by any person above the level of cretin.]

The one thing I find interesting about these commercials is how the women in the fray are on camera, and can’t wait to spew their vile accusations, while we have yet to see any ad from the Poizner camp with him speaking on camera.

I find it very interesting that Meg Whitman finds it necessary to relate to us that she is “doing her best to defeat Barbara Boxer” as if she was a pair of evil twins, separated and running for two posts, governor and U.S. Senator. Isn’t that what Carly Fiorina is for? By the way, since when did Barbara Boxer attain the status of being the beast of the New Testament? She is hardly so powerful as to be the cause of the ills of all of California for the past 28 years, as Fiorina (late of Hewlett Packard, constant of bad hair day) would have us believe.

The notion that throwing out all incumbents is very attractive – to the five year old mind. Unfortunately, that appears to be the current level of the average California voter. Perhaps it has something to do with the eviscerated educational system, something fully creditable to the Republican party in this state.

As I was reading some things on reddit this morning, I came across a blog that gets more of the details than I’ve seen in one place before (and I am on HuffPo each day!) –

[The Brad Blog]

By Ernest A. Canning on 5/16/2010 10:31PM

In “Meg Whitman, Wall Street, ‘Billionaire Sociopaths’ and the Media ‘Substance Deficit,'” we noted:
Californians have been drawn within the cross-hairs of a propaganda blitz bought and paid for by Meg Whitman, the billionaire former CEO of eBay, who, since declaring her intent to run for governor in February, 2009, has already contributed $59 million of her own money to her “campaign” — a one-sided political phenomenon which has seen a stealth candidate, with disturbing connections to Goldman Sachs, soar to the top of the polls because the electoral process has been emasculated by the absence of mandatory debates and meaningful investigative journalism.

Now comes a SurveyUSA poll, conducted May 6-9, revealing that Whitman’s once commanding lead over CA Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner has all but evaporated. Where she led Poizner by 22% on April 22, Whitman is now said to hold a meager 2% lead. One suspects that, in the wake of a hard-hitting, front page May 12 Los Angeles Times article, “Whitman’s words put spotlight on deeds,” Whitman’s once-commanding lead may soon become a deficit.

The Los Angeles Times followed up on May 13 with a separate piece, “Companies challenged Poizner business claims,” which revealed that a major portion of Poizner’s wealth was acquired when SnapTrack Inc., the company Poizner founded, was sold to Qualcomm. Poizner claims SnapTrack invented mobile-phone GPS technology. In pending lawsuits, other companies accused SnapTrack of infringing intellectual property rights, and, the Times reports, “as SnapTrack developed its GPS technology, Poizner faced another test of his entrepreneurial skills, as a special interest trying to bend the Washington regulatory process his way.”

The drastic change in the recent public opinion polls is tied not only to the fact that her fellow billionaire Poizner unleashed his own paid-for propaganda (ad) blitz, deconstructing Whitman’s one-sided narrative. Nor is the change tied only to hard-hitting, if overdue, front page newspaper exposés on the facts behind how these two rapacious “business people” amassed their fortunes.

Disturbingly, Poizner’s late gain in the polls may be attributed to his open embrace of Arizona’s version of apartheid South Africa’s infamous “pass laws.” Poizner’s is a cynically calculated effort to scapegoat immigrants while deflecting attention from the true source of California’s fiscal woes: the very same billionaire sociopath economics in which both he and Whitman amassed their fortunes…

The entry goes on about the Arizona law concerning immigration, and its effect upon the California race, with each of the right wing candidates trying to squeeze a bit farther to the right than the other, the fact that somehow the people of the state are buying this by the ton, and unfortunately we will most likely have another Republican governor – something that has continuously ruined this state all the way back to 1966 when Ronald Reagan put his notch on the bedpost of California.

Which can be the more of a rat bastard? Only time will tell.

If only the sheeple of California will wake up. I don’t see it however, as it is hard to think clearly when you think the world is against you, and you think that the government position of less government is really what the Republicans have given this state. [or will give!]

But history is such a strange thing, and better studied from a distance. Close up so many mistakes can be made.

If there is any justice in this world, and one bit of the accusations of these candidates is true, they will share a common space in a co-ed, white collar jail.


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