Walmart – Going After Gamers, Too?

Earlier this week we learned that Walmart is revamping its stores to sell more electronics to many more people. The idea is to take up the slack left by the loss of one big box retailer and the lack of interest by another. Walmart certainly has the distribution system down pat, and since Mom, Dad, and kids old enough to hold money in their hands know that Walmart is a place for making the money in their hands go farther, why not grab at more of it?

Now Walmart is going after the online gaming community too. The company wants the gamers to come and visit their site, called Gamecenter, and see what’s happening.

[PC Magazine]

Gamers, Walmart wants to lure you to its new online gaming center, and it’s using a sweet gift card to do it.

Walmart on Friday launched Gamecenter, a new online destination that combines savings, first-look exclusives, and previews. To kick things off, the company is offering a $50 eGift card to anyone who pre-orders three or more of this year’s upcoming titles, including Medal of Honor, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, and Fallout: New Vegas.

To keep you coming back, each month the Gamecenter will feature exclusive content and special offers. This month, the site is offering a $10 eGift card for pre-orders of UFC Undisputed 2010, and exclusive content of Split Second.

If Walmart gets people hooked online, perhaps the traffic in the Walmart parking lots will go down. I think the business at Game Stop will decrease also. I wonder if my son knows about this yet…



Now you can find the next game of “how to rescue the world” online and at a Walmart price!


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