3G Calling Now Available for Skype on The iPhone

Early this morning Skype released an update to their popular iPhone application. This update now allows Skype users to make voice calls over their carrier’s 3G network, allowing you to make phone calls on Skype from just about anywhere.

This all comes after a couple of months ago, when AT&T restricted the use of VOIP applications to Wi-Fi networks.  They did this because they wanted to keep users from piggybacking their 3G data service, and consequently, would be forced to use AT&T’s mobile service instead.

At the end of the summer Skype will be charging a “small fee” on their 3G Skype feature, however, it is not yet understood just how much this fee will be. So far, reviews on this feature have been quite positive, however, there have also been reports that there is a small delay on the audio.