Press Conference: The Sound of One Man Lying

What action should Obama take?

I suggest extensive breath-holding.

Data hint at ‘five God particles’

The God particle, the Allah particle, the Buddha particle…

Jackson to star in new video game

Zombie Pop Star?

Armed US ‘Bin Laden hunter’ held

We wouldn’t want to let him succeed, would we?

Irish to expel Israeli diplomat

I’ve been kicked out of better countries than this….

Jimmy Page saluted at Mojo Awards

…still has no idea what just happened.

2 Simple Ways to Get Kids to Watch Less TV

Alcohol and oral sex?

Kennedy Was Death Threat Magnet, FBI File Shows

In other news, “Hitler Had Many Enemies”

Why Pelosi and Hillary Clinton Get Worse Press Than Male Politicians

Because they deserve it?

Oldest Leather Shoe Found In Armenia Is 5,500 Years Old

Along with papyrus ad for BOGO!

64-bit Flash for Linux dropped as Adobe preps next version

Thanks for the favor, Adobe!  Now my system will be the only one not infected.

Pelosi’s Grand New Office is Most Expensive in the House

Most expensive ho gets most expensive ho-house, right?

Lieberman defends plan giving president emergency Internet authority

Also defends giving handguns to toddlers.