CalcPad for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

In my line of work I deal with a lot of numbers and it can be hard to know if, after you’ve punched in everything, you made any typos which might throw off your calculations.  At work we have access to proper tape adding machines but, as with much of the office equipment we have, it is a relic that makes a sound similar to a dot-matrix printer when it outputs anything.  I have a regular calculator that is nice and quiet but you are forced to do things twice just to make sure you get it right and that can really slow you down when you have ridiculous amounts of work to do.  I really wanted a way to have the benefits of a calculator that outputs to paper tape but with the quietness of something a little less war-surplus feeling.

I’m sure there are programs for the PC that would let me do this but the machines at work are locked down for security reasons.  Luckily, I found an app on iTunes that would do everything for me and it only cost $1.99. That may sound high considering there are free calculator apps for the iPad – and the iPhone and iPod touch come with a nice calculator built-in, but CalcPad gives you a virtual paper-tape reel that lets you see what you’ve input and, if you make a mistake, it lets you scroll through the tape and fix your error and then it automatically updates the entire calculation so you don’t have to redo anything.

If you just need a basic calculator for everyday tasks then by all means go with any of the free versions out there, but if you have to deal with lots of numbers and have little time for errors, then CalcPad is a must have addition for your iPhone, iPod touch, and even the iPad. You can find it here.