Why You Probably Won’t See An AutoTune App For Android

The T-Pain Auto-Tune app has been a very popular app for iPhone users. The app is very useful for creating prank calls, singing silly songs, or just plain wanting to sound like a robot. So naturally, Android owners have been asking “Where is an auto-tune app for Android?”

Chances are, though, you won’t see one anytime soon. The reason? Unfortunately, the existing Android developer libraries for sound aren’t very deep. A developer would have to write a ton of code to modify sound in the fashion the T-Pain auto-tune app does. The Dialpad app is a start, but either Google will need to release better sound libraries or a developer with a lot of free time will need to make a project out of it.

The iPhone developer tools, on the other hand, offer developers easy ways to modify sound with extensive, pre-existing libraries. Sometimes all it takes is a couple of lines of code and you can change the pitch, tone, bass, etc. of a sound.

I hate to admit it, but this is one area where iOS has Android beat. It’s too bad, because I would really like to get my own version of “Pants on the Ground” released.