Barbecue Secrets Revealed

There should be an image here!Some amazing facts about barbecuing:

  • Most people spend an average of $238.52 on a BBQ grill.
  • Then they spend another $20.00 – $30.00 on meat that they throw on the grill.
  • Since they’ve never really learned how to cook BBQ correctly, they simply hope for the best!
  • Sometimes they get lucky… and sometimes their dogs get nice treats.

Not only is this embarrassing in front of your friends — it’s a huge waste of time, money and food!

Now you can learn to make everything you grill or barbecue 100% more flavorful almost overnight, getting the perfect results you could only dream of before… while grilling steak after steak, and rib after rib, exactly how you want it, as consistent as clockwork… and, if you’re like most barbecuers, turning heads at your very next BBQ!


Not if you believe what lifelong professionals and hot new amateurs worldwide are now saying