Buffalo to Release Extra Large PATA SSDs

The company acknowledges that there are many machines out that could use the speed of a Solid State Drive but do not possess a Serial ATA controller. Many people would simply buy an add-in Serial ATA adapter and go from there, but for some, there are no open PCI slots, and, in the case of people with laptops, there is no possibility of adding an add-in card.

I have a 5 year old laptop that would get a real speed increase from an SSD, but the drive interface is PATA.  For me, this would be perfect. Buffalo is certainly counting on many laptop users to pony up for an SSD, though I doubt many would opt for the 256GB model.


Introduced in April, Buffalo’s SHD-NHPU2 series of 2.5-inch solid state drives boasting a PATA interface is going to grow later this month with the release of a new, high-capacity model, one that can store 256GB worth of data on its MLC NAND Flash chips.

The upcoming drive includes both PATA and USB 2.0 connection options, has 64MB of cache, is capable of transfer speeds of up to 101 MB/s and is set to go on sale @ $1,220. We’ll take a rain check on buying this one.


Yes, the one thing forgotten by Buffalo, is that those having enough money to purchase this drive comfortably would most likely be upgrading the entire machine, pushing the older machine with the PATA interface into the hands of another, like a son or daughter, or perhaps an elder relative. It makes the drive of this size, at this price, a very hard sell. Unfortunately, the best that can be said is that it is available, which is better than not available, but I would think companies like this would keep the target audience in mind, and price the products accordingly.




Hitachi_Deskstar_7K2000_HDD_01When you take out the hard drive in your laptop, you can out it into a external case, which will allow it to serve as extra storage, or possibly a backup device, used only in for archival purposes.