Droid Stuff and No Gaga News

Android’s Voice-Activated Search Is an Awesome Calculator and Conversion Tool

My Droid has surprisingly good out-of-the-box voice recognition.   Read what else you can use it for on your Android phone.

A Primer on Moving Music and Pictures On and Off an Android

Remember that on all computers, your phone is seen as nothing more than a storage device.

How to back up your Android apps

In addition, download Astro File Manager and Linda File Application.  These will backup all of your apps at once, as opposed to singly, as demonstrated in this article.

Opera Raises Curtain on Mini 5.1 for Android

This is one blazing fast browser.  It isn’t perfect but what is?

10 Free Android Apps for Staying in the Know

I’m not crazy about all of them, but knowledge is good regardless.

Chrome to Phone Sends Links, Text, and Numbers to Android Almost Instantly

If you care about utility more than privacy, this may be your app.