Sony Legals Woes Over Linux Removal

There should be an image here!Despite it being rather shortsighted and stupid, who honestly cares if Sony opts to remove the Linux option from the place set out for us by the PS3 console? Think about it, Sony designed the hardware and if they want to lesson their impact on the market, let them.

Fact of the matter is the hardware to my knowledge, was something to play PS3 games on. Anything else, is added bonus. So hearing that Sony is being sued, leaves me to wonder if there were perhaps commitments made elsewhere that would allow such a legal action to work out somehow?

Perhaps the mandatory firmware update infringes far enough into fair use and individual rights of the property owner that exceed anything allowed otherwise by the PS3 TOS. I tend to doubt it, but I wish those taking Sony to court all the luck in the world. With Sony’s history of DRM’d content, massive control issues and general sleazy choices in general, I fail to see how there is any news here?