Will Facebook Stay?

There should be an image here!For a couple of years now, Facebook has been the overpowering social center for everyone from tweens to the oldies. It’s grown from just a social community for college kids to now advertising central and home to flash games. But how long will this last before someone else comes in with something fresh and new and cause Facebook to be a primitive way of messaging?

The first big blowup was MySpace years ago, even though it wasn’t even that long ago. It allowed people to share photos, message friends, and put their favorite song of the week on their page. It was a huge success and had millions of users. The addition of MySpace Music was a breakthrough and allowed upcoming artists to get their name out there and land record deals and fans. Still to this day MySpace Music is used for new artists wanting to make it big as it has such an easy way of uploading and searching.

However, as all good things must come to an end, MySpace pretty much did… or at least was done with its golden days. The new thing was what a young man created and called “Facebook.” It started out being used as a way for college kids to meet others and do basically the same thing that MySpace did but without the young teens and emo shots. Facebook started to grow and grow, and started receiving popularity from all different ages. As said before, it basically did the same thing that MySpace had already been doing — just tweaked and more refined. More people were switching over and were pleased with the new social network. It had things like albums for photos and status updates for telling what you were currently doing. It blew up and Facebook starting receiving worldwide popularity. And now, it is the largest social networking site.

But how much longer will Facebook be in its prime before something else comes in? Will something like that ever happen? Is Facebook so big now that it’s nearly impossible? No one knows for sure, but many are thinking they want to create the next big site. Some say it can’t be done because Facebook has everything you could ever want. However, a lot said that about MySpace. Until then, millions and millions of people will log onto their Facebook each day to see if they have any messages or notifications.

My name is Dakota and I live in Georgia. I am 18 years of age and enjoy technology. I am going to school for computer science this upcoming fall. I can be found on Twitter here, and YouTube here.

[Photo above by Vasjen Katro / CC BY-ND 2.0]