First Pics Of Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

We knew it was coming, and the explanation given, early on, made me know I probably would not like the form of the first touch mouse from Microsoft. Today, TechConnect has the first pictures, from a German retail site, and unless the pictures don’t do it justice, I can see this thing going down like Microsoft Bob.

Despite no announcement was made by Microsoft, a German store has went ahead and posted a listing of the company’s upcoming peripheral, the Arc Touch mouse featuring wireless connectivity and touch controls (including touch scroll).

The new mouse makes use of 2.4 GHz wireless technology, has a symmetrical design with a metal/glossy mix and a rubberized palm rest, Blue Track technology, and three keys.

The Arc Touch mouse costs €70 and is supposed to become available in October.

It looks like one of those things that will appeal to designer types – you know, the ones who believe that form is ten blocks ahead of function.

Perhaps it has a nice feel, but I can’t see that being the case from the pictures, nor can I see what material the rear of the mouse could be made of, that would allow it to become flat for storage [and not breakdown very quickly, after a few cycles of flattening].

That alone will make me seek this out – to answer that question.


[Everyone thinks that the newest mouse will make things better than ever… I wish I could get an original Microsoft mouse, with laser tracking, another 2 buttons, a scroll wheel, and otherwise the exact same shape and size.]


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