Just Another Glance Through The Rabbit Hole

…that most people have been looking through, or dropping into. It shows how far off most of the opinions were of someone who many in this nation revere. (Not me, as I think the high point in his career was “Bedtime for Bonzo”)

[ found here ]

Is it any wonder that the rest of this person’s so-called, good ideas are being re-examined today as total garbage?

Ronald Reagan’s  and Henry Kissinger’s ideas are the victims of so much about-face behavior that no one is quite sure which way is forward, yet Richard Nixon becomes seen as more forward thinking each year. A visionary President who was fallible, but with lots of great ideas. [Just as an aside, to show how far we have gone astray – Nixon today would have to run as a Democrat, for his ideas and leanings are left of those in the center, and also left of some famous Democrats today.]

Does anyone else remember the “Land of Confusion” video by Genesis? I thought it quite capably summed up the Reagan years… (it got quite a lot of airplay back when MTV actually played videos, so you know how long ago that was…)

Isn’t life strange?

That is all.


Quote of the day:

The nice part about being a pessimist is that you are constantly being either proven right or pleasantly surprised.

– George F. Will