AMD 8 Core CPU Picture Seen

At a conference hosted by GlobalFoundries, the AMD spinoff, the first pictures of the architecture of the 8-core CPU code-named Orochi (sounds like a character from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!) have been released.

The chip form factor is not yet confirmed, but it is speculated that the Bulldozer chip will be in an AM3+ package, and is to compete with Intel Sandy Bridge processors.


Yesterday at the very first Global Technology Conference held by young manufacturing giant GlobalFoundries, Chekib Akrout, the senior vice president of AMD’s Technology Group, took the stage and revealed a die picture of the upcoming Orochi 8-core processor.

Set to be AMD’s second 32nm part, Orochi is based on the Bulldozer architecture and should reach both server and desktop markets in 2011. The chip will likely come in an AM3+ package, have an integrated DDR3 memory controller, and is set to take on Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors.

This series of processors is supposed to improve dramatically the processing power on the integer side, while the floating point side will only be slightly increased over the Phenom II parts.

It will be a dual thread design, so that it will look like an Intel quad-core that does hyperthreading. The smart money says  that the AMD part will be more effective, however, acting like a true 8 core processor more of the time than the Intel HT models.

When heavily threaded applications are being executed, there will be large improvements – perhaps enough to offset some of the slide of many to Intel.

The AMD loyal can only hope for the best, and wait.



8 cores, Bulldozer architecture, think of it, Pinky.