Let’s Talk Breasts

‘No evidence’ implants are toxic

Another implant alternative.

For the A-Cup Crowd, Minimal Assets Are a Plus

I am not a size-ist.  I am a numer-ist.  I require them in multiples of two.

Man Survives Suicide Leap From 400 Feet

Ever have one of those days when nothing goes right?

Employers Pushed Costs for Health on Workers

Thanks, Obamachrist and Congress.

Mexico, U.S. Open Joint Office to Fight Drug Trafficking

Iraq and Afghanistan to open joint office to fight muslim violence.

Drinking a glass of milk can help to stop garlic breath

For those of you for whom garlic is not an aphrodesiac

Potty Beatles fan pays £9,500 for Lennon’s toilet

Talk about a crappy deal….

Troops Wonder: WTF Are We Doing In Afghanistan, Again

The question asked by everyone is now on the lips of the troops.

3 Ways to Get Your Doctor to Take Your Pain Seriously

Run him over if necessary.