More Competition From VIA

VIA, once a powerhouse in the world of chipsets, has not been doing as well as it once was, yet it maintains a solid amount of production in its small processor and ITX motherboard business. Now a word from overseas tells that VIA is planning a quad-core competitor to the Intel Atom line, and will also have a glue chip set that will include a DX11 graphics core.


VIA, the smallest company with an x86 license, is not giving up the microprocessor fight despite taking a NT$1.44 billion net loss in the first half of this year. According to reports, the Taiwanese company is moving ahead with its manufacturing transitions and is working on new chips for 2011.

Later this year VIA is supposed to introduce dual-core Nano CPUs and, in by the end of 2011, it should have one or more quad-core processors too, targeting the low-power computing segment, of course.

Also in 2011, VIA is expected to release the VN11 chipset, its first to feature a DirectX 11 graphics core.

Though VIA has been losing money, its long trail of great chipsets, processors, and GPUs will get many looks from manufacturers as they look at parts for the upcoming year – especially if the VIA parts provide adequate power at the right price.


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