Google Changes Forever

There should be an image here!It’s not really unusual for Google to make massive changes to the way it delivers search results. No, really, it’s not a huge shocker there. But what about Google’s latest changes? How does this affect SEO? Is SEO even a factor? Was it ever a factor?

Google’s Matt Cutts explains that in reality, the dynamic changes that the new real time Google query results present translate into nothing more than speed for the end user. Any perceived SEO benefit is nothing.

Okay, perhaps the fact is that it could change SEO over the long term, but this idea that now people are going to start trying to rank letters instead of keywords and other nonsense is kind of silly. As of today, I have found that things are running pretty much as normal. So the next time today you read about SEO coming to an end due to Google’s latest changes, remember that it’s all┬árelative.

[Photo above by Mykl Roventine / CC BY-ND 2.0]

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