Best Buy Geek Squad Dumps VW Beetles For Ford Vans

Best Buy has decided to dump their black and white Geek Squad VW Beetles in favor of a new fleet of Ford vans. The decision to buy 1,000 new vans was so that Best Buy could improve on the fuel economy of their fleet. The new vans will still be painted in the traditional black and white colors, along with the standard Geek Squad logo.  Below is a picture of the new vans:

Here is what a recent article states:

The company says it has reorganized its delivery routes and schedules so its technicians can move to smaller, lighter vehicles without reducing their work load. For Ford, the Geek Squad’s eye-catching color scheme and logos will help its vans get more attention from potential customers. The Transit has been sold in Europe for years but is new to the U.S. It is aimed at commercial and fleet customers who are increasingly looking to switch to more fuel-efficient cargo and delivery vehicles. Best Buy says storage areas on the sides of the Transit Connect make it easier for employees to get to the diagnostic equipment and electronic parts they need on a typical service visit. The company says the van’s unusual shape also helps because distinctive-looking vehicles have been “part of the history of Geek Squad.”

have owned by own computer business I always felt that the smallish VW must have been difficult for the technicians to carry their stuff around in. Especially if it required bringing computers back to the shop. I am not talking about a single computer, but the possibility of multiple desktop computers during the work day. Though most common repairs can be made on site, some repairs require a proper work space to tear into a PC.

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Source – WSJ