Exercising Impulse Control With Social Media

There should be an image here!With social media becoming more popular in the workplace, impulse control is becoming more important — particularly for those people who tend to react before their inner filter kicks in. If you’re such a person, understand that your impulsive posts are far more reaching in public forums than in hallway conversations or emails. Add to the fact that some people may receive email notifications when each time you publish a new post.

One thing in your favor is that once you’ve realized what you’ve done, you can delete your offending posts so the remainder of the world doesn’t read them. However, guaranteed someone will have read them at which point it’s time for you to go into damage control mode or lay low for a few days due to embarrassment.

My recommendation, avoid getting yourself into such situations at all. Exercise impulse control. Even if you have the urge to post something about the co-worker who leaves early every day or about your boss who has asked you to do something you aren’t particularly keen on, resist! Don’t try disguising it either by posting comments such as “Must be nice to leave early each day”. Even though, you aren’t using specific names, someone will figure it out. In the end, such impulsive, inappropriate comments will come back to haunt you.

[Photo above by Joshua Rappeneker / CC BY-ND 2.0]