Linux VS OS X

There should be an image here!Before even opening my mouth, consider the following. We own a multitude of both Apple products and products powered by Linux. So what I share is not based on one being better than another, rather exploring the differences.

This PCWorld article points out five things that Linux does better than OS X. Unfortunately some of the things listed, are suspect.

The two issues I have are with security and reliability. While my Linux boxes are awesome on both fronts, so it my wife’s Mac running the latest release of OS X. Despite charges of more┬ávulnerabilities┬ábeing available on OS X, I would remind people that it’s still a very secure ‘Nix operating system.

As for reliability, I have seen the same software stability and instability with both operating systems. One bad app crashing can cause problems. Yet with both Linux and OS X, no reboot is needed.