Firefox 4 Makes Major Changes To Browser

There should be an image here!I’ve been using one version of a Mozilla Browser since it first broke from Netscape. Later, Firebird and then Firefox. I’ve clearly done my time as a Mozilla browser user and supporter. These days though, I am finding more and more reasons to look to alternatives. On my computers, I am fast finding Chrome to be beat Firefox in just about everything from speed to ease of use.

Now as if on cue, Firefox is delivering me with another reason not to use their browser. According to this article, they will be adding Bing and removing Creative Commons search. Now, I am all for them adding Bing even though I don’t care for it. After all, more search choices are good. But what is the deal with the removal of Creative Commons search?

Well as it turned out, the company line is that the CC search is no longer about searching for CC content. No, now it searches on general searches. After trying it out for myself, I found that this is only half the story. Yes, CC search is doing general searches by default. But they are still offering a tabbed page to provide brain-dead simple CC search as well.