Steve Ballmer = Rodney Dangerfield?

Poor Steve, no one loves him anymore. With Bill Gates no longer around to take the spotlight, Mr. Ballmer must stand up and take the accolades, when they come, but he must also take the heat, and there has been plenty of it lately.

How quickly they forget about things like Windows 7.

The KIN phone was just the tip of the overall iceberg, the lateness of the number 7 version of Windows for Phone is another, especially with the number of items on the user checklist that the product does not have.

Now, television hosts are giving no quarter to the man, as Matt Lauer on the Today show reminded Ballmer that he was only half as good as the board thought he should be, as evidenced by the 50% drop in his bonus for the last year.


As a journalist, it’s your job to ask the tough questions and dig deeper for the answers. But when one of the biggest CEOs in the world is unveiling a new product for the world to see on live TV, it’s probably not a good idea to remind him that he missed his bonus because of poor mobile phone sales.

Matt Lauer of NBC has done just that. He starts the interview with Steve Ballmer by talking about the negative aspects of Microsoft’s mobile phone history. Ballmer does a fantastic job of changing the subject and avoiding the awkward conversation that Matt Lauer has created. The interview does show off the Windows Phone 7 interface and is pasted below for you to view in all the awkward glory that Matt Lauer created during the unveiling.

Follow the link above to see the clip – it’s a good one. No Monkeyboy, for those fans, however.


None of this on the Today Show, he reserves that for the training and sales meetings!


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