Winamp For Google Android

There should be an image here!Going back more than a few years, Winamp was my default-to media player when it came to enjoying music on my Windows box. A number of releases later, Winamp has evolved a bit and it’s not used by me today as my needs changed — both in my OS and with how I manage my music. Like most people, I have moved on to jukebox like music management and haven’t looked back since. Maybe it’s time to take Winamp around the globe for another spin?

Check this out. Winamp for Android! I know, what does this really matter in the grand scheme of things if there are already other media players available for the Android OS? A fair question, despite the fact that people might wish to use Winamp for no other reason other than the fact that it reminds them of a simpler time in the computing landscape — pre-Web apps and iTunes. Just something to consider.

Unlike the Winamp I remember so fondly, it seems that the Android revision of this media software is catering to the needs of a younger, more mobilecentric crowd of individuals. Goodies like Wi-Fi mobile music sync wirelessly works with the Winamp desktop and scrobbling with the app… assuming the latter happens to be installed. Even if you’ve never used Winamp in your life, I think that this revision of the software is worth checking out.

Who knows, even if you don’t feel like you listen to music all that much on your Android phone, you may change this behavior merely by trying new software that makes playing music a whole lot more pleasant for Android users.

[Photo above by Manish Bansal / CC BY-ND 2.0]