Android Phone Holiday Buying Guide, Part 2: T-Mobile

With the holiday season just around the corner, the carriers are planning their annual rush of new phones. Over the next week, we’ll be  bringing you handy guides to all the new phones coming out this month on all the carriers, so it’s easy to compare and make the right decision. Next in the lineup is T-Mobile. T-Mobile doesn’t have quite as many new devices as Verizon, but they have some solid phones that are fairly recent to the market.
T-Mobile G2

T'Mobile's G2 is the successor to the cult-status G1

The G2, a device made by HTC but branded as T-Mobile, is the sucessor to the mighty G1, the very first Android phone ever. The G1 had a nice legacy but as users of the device I’m sure realize, the time has come to move on. The G2 is better in almost every way: faster, sleeker, with a newer version of Android and all the usual bells and whistles.
One of the features that sets this phone apart from a lot of other recent phones is that it’s an official “Google Experience” device, putting it with the Nexus One, Droid, and G1 as the only phones that run the stock Android OS versus some hardware manufacturer revision like HTC Sense or Samsung Touchwhiz.
There’s an 800MHz processor onboard as well as a 5 megapixel camera and a slide-out keyboard that looks like it might have managed to improve the G1’s offering–the G1’s keyboard has long been held up as an example of excellence. Reviews of the device are pretty unanimously positive, and it doesn’t look like you can go wrong with a G2 if you’re on T-Mobile. At $249, however, it’s one of the most expensive Android phones on the market right now.
The Motorola Defy is a "rugged" android phone, designed to withstand a few drops and dings

Motorola Defy
T-Mobile is bringing out the Motorola Defy this fall as part of a quartet of “affordable” $100-or-less phones that are aimed at holiday gift-giving. The other phones are the Comet, LG Optimus T and Motorola Charm, but by this reviewers’ eye, the Defy is by far your best bet.
Motorola has made a “rugged” smartphone that’s designed to take abuse. The 3.7″ gorilla glass screen will deal with normal drops without a problem, and the phone is also dust resistant and water resistant. Yes, this might be the best phone you will ever drop in a pool.
We all know that accidents happen, and the worst thing I can imagine would be staring at my phone as it sinks like a rock in 4 feet of swimming pool. Luckily with the Defy that will never be a problem, as extensive testing has approved it for chillin’ in up to a meter of water for a half hour without any kind of problems.
Have a teenager who wants a smartphone but don’t trust them to take care of it? The Motorola Defy can take the abuse for the low price of $100.
The MyTouch 4G is another solid Android offering

MyTouch 4G
Hot off the heals of the G2, T-Mobile gave us the MyTouch 4G, which is a phone similar in specs to the G2 but on a candybar style without a physical keyboard. You get access to 4G, T-Mobile’s brand new high-speed network promising even greater speeds than the existing 3G, a 3.8-inch display, hardware function buttons and both front and rear-facing cameras.
The MyTouch has a “premium” style in its design, and looks very sleek. It also comes in 4 colors: white, black, red and plum. You get Android 2.2, but there is some carrier modification: what looks like a combination of HTC Sense and the original MyTouch skin from the MyTouch 3G. That stuff shouldn’t be a problem to get rid of if you like the stock Android experience.
The MyTouch is another solid addition to the T-Mobile Android lineup, priced at $200 with a new contract.