New Opera Build Adds Features, Stability

With the various builds of Opera 11 that have been released, it is sometimes hard to keep in mind the fact that these are alpha builds, because they are almost completely functional, with certain functions, such as font choice, deliberately turned off by the developers. The stability of the builds thus far have exceeded the usual build quality of nearly any other software development team.

Opera, the fastest and most secure web browser

Now and then, there is a glaring bug that shows up, and with the previous build, I had found one of them. By going to certain pages, the browser would crash as soon as the page was drawn. (the FreewareGenius site, for one). But these are the sort of things that the development team gets ironed out  in short order – the newest build revision 11, build 1055, shows none of that behavior, and adds an array of more stable extensions to choose from.

The changes are many and have come to all the flavors of the browser, so here is a link to the change log, and then the links for the new builds –


If you’re like me, and use the *nix version as well as the Windows version, you’ll be very happy, because a boat load of fixes come for that, and bring it up to feature parity with the Windows version.

For those that want to see what this is all about, but don’t feel like having any problems, there is always the stable version, which is at revision level 10.63. This is plenty fast, and completely stable, but does not have the extensions support, so don’t waste time looking for it. It also lacks the last couple notches of speed, so you might want to try the alpha, remembering what I said about stability, and if you can’t hang with it, fall back to the stable version 10.