The Perfect Netbook OS Awaits. Where?

What is the perfect netbook operating system?

There are as many answers as there are government-funded projects involving cow flatulence.  Probably more.

Off the top of my head, the first answer is the one that pisses me off least.

Now that we’re through the main criterion, let’s narrow it down a little further, please.

  • It can’t be Windows because we don’t use perfect and Windows in the same sentence.
  • By that, I mean it should be Linux.
  • It should be devoid of blinky lights, flash, the cloud, and exploding graphics.
  • Fast would be good – we’re talking netbook here.

My main OS tends to be Xubuntu.  This is Ububtu with the lightweight XFCE interface.    The netbook in question is an MSI 11.4″ with lotsa disk space and a gig of RAM.  It currently sports Ubuntu 9.04 with the stock netbook interface, whatever that is.  I have also used EEE-Ubuntu or whatever it’s called.

I can’t stand the goofy video resolution but that’s the nature of the beast.  Is there any point in installing a stock Ubuntu or do the specialized interfaces really help?  I’m not crazy about the ones I’ve seen.

Your suggestions are appreciated.  Right now it’s downloading the latest Ubuntu but I’m fine with tinkering.

Speaking of which, the latest Ubuntu, Mutilated Marmoset, installed without a hitch, stitch, or bitch.  It went ahead and warned me about there being no stock desktop UI.  You can tell it had a deep, lasting effect on me.  Then I rebooted into the stock Gnome desktop and installed the XFCE desktop.  After rebooting into XFCE, there was everything I wanted.  And when I say everything, I mean everything I have on my desktops because that’s what I use.

This begs the question ‘What the hell is the big hoo-ha over the user interface?’  It would appear that the ones specific to netbooks suck eggs and actually take up more room than the ones they are supposed to replace.  Go figger.

Comments welcome.

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After watching the netbook boom, followed by the really smart phone boom and the pad boom, something is starting to worry me.  Why are we settling?

The way things are going, it appears that we will wind up settling for underpowered processors in our devices.  I have a netbook and a Droid phone.  Both are anemic out of the box.  There is just so much overclocking one can do without producing prodigious amounts of smoke and/or burning one’s private parts.

Part of the above search for a slim OS is driven by the anemic first-generation Atom processor.   I have noticed that the processors haven’t kept pace with their full size counterparts.  The Android phones and pads are still in their infancy so it’s too early to tell.