Android Phone Holiday Buying Guide, Part 3: AT&T

With the holiday season just around the corner, the carriers are planning their annual rush of new phones. We are halfway through our guide to Android phones on the major carriers,  bringing you handy guides to all the great phones available, so it’s easy to compare and make the right decision. Next in the lineup is AT&T. AT&T has never had as many Android phones as the other carriers, but has a few good options if you’re looking for an iPhone alternative on the carrier.

The Motorola Bravo has a unique design and MotoBlur

Motorola Bravo
AT&T has announced a trio of discount priced lower-end Android phones in time for the holidays, and the Bravo looks to be the best of the bunch. With a unique, rounded design, 800MHz processor and and a 3.7 inch screen, it looks like the Bravo will be able to run with the big boys like the G2 and Droid X.
The Bravo has Motorola’s much-maligned MotoBlur Android modifications, but should still be a solid choice for anyone but the most hardcore Android fans. It should also be helped out by the specs on this phone, which are much nicer than many of the other MotoBlur phones, which just lag since the interface is too CPU heavy.
Overall the Bravo looks like one of the best phones in AT&T’s slim Android lineup. Motorola makes solid hardware and despite Motoblur it seems that this phone would be a good, low-price choice. Officially $120, but can be had for a penny from with a new contract.
The Captivate may be a few months old, but it remains the best Android phone in AT&T's lineup.

Samsung Captivate
The Captivate has been out since July, but it remains the most solid choice in AT&T’s Android lineup. With a 1Ghz “hummingbird” processor, and a beautiful 4-inch Super-AMOLED display (Samsung’s exclusive technology), this phone powers through apps and looks great.
The Captivate is part of the Galaxy S line of phones, which have an iteration on every major carrier: The Fascinate (Verizon), Vibrant (T-Mobile), and Epic 4G (Sprint) join it to take the world by storm.
The Captivate has been rooted, modded, and generally broken apart, so the TouchWhiz UI can be easily removed if you don’t like it. Samsung’s Super AMOLED screen is one of the nicest phone screens I’ve ever seen, and knocks the pants off of the iPhone 4 display in an outdoor environment. Any Android fan would be very happy with this device, and it makes a great gift as the price is only dropping. Amazon has it for a penny.