Perhaps They Should Concentrate On Education

Because the polls and testing show it is not getting first play in most of America.

What am I talking about?

I am talking about the school systems of America. It is clear by the large number of less-than-prepared-for-the-world students they are turning out, that the schools should be concentrating on education, and in-the-classroom work, instead of outside the classroom harassment.

A blurb in Huffington Post this morning tells of how another free-speech lawsuit is being filed in Pennsylvania because the district has decided to ban the small rubbery bracelets that say “I (heart) Boobies”.

The bracelets are part of a breast cancer awareness campaign, and the ACLU is filing suit with the claim that the students’ First Amendment rights are being abridged.

They had better win.

The suit filed Monday says two middle school students received in-school suspensions last month for wearing bracelets that say, “I (Heart) Boobies. Keep a Breast.” The bracelets are sold by a nonprofit to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer organizations.

School officials call the rubber jewelry distracting and demeaning.

The ACLU says the bracelets are perhaps irreverent, but not indecent.

School districts across the country have run into similar disputes.

This is exactly the kind of thing that shows the school, its administrators, and the people that back them all have their heads in places where they should not go.

The point of going to school is an intake of information. It is not a place where children should be put up as test-cases for the idiotic beliefs of a few running the school.

If a child comes to school, without weapons, in clothing that is appropriately covering what polite society says it should, with the idea that study is what should be done there, the child should not be impeded.

The point of school is learning. Sometimes it is learning about people whose ideas are different than yours. Sometimes you won’t like those ideas, but you should learn how to deal with them, anyway. It is called socialization.

Suspending children for anything they wear that is not considered obscene by the Supreme Court of the United States should not be allowed. Period.

All the time this will consume, in the news, spoken of by all the local busybodies, by the PTA, by the other parents’ organizations, etc., could all be better used by those students getting a quality education, one that shows that tolerance is a good thing – perhaps the best idea that we have ever come up with.

Oh, another thing – they could also learn that adults know how to behave themselves in the manner that they expect children to emulate. But it’s already too late in that school district in Pennsylvania for that…