Facebook ‘Likes’ MySpace – But Will You Use It Again?

Friday, November 19, 2010, will go down as the day MySpace died. On that day, Facebook announced a new partnership with MySpace. While MySpace has not quite waved their white flag in surrender to the most popular social network, MySpace teaming with Facebook is at best treading water near a sinking ship. MySpace has begun utilizing an option to sign in with Facebook Connect, which will pull users public Facebook profile info and “likes” to create a profile on MySpace. The win-win for each network is clear: Facebook retains its users, and MySpace will, in theory, pull users back – something that hasn’t happened in years.

The most interesting thing in this partnership is Facebook is not trying to be MySpace – nor did it ever try to be. MySpace’s recent makeover has made it clear it is not trying to be what it was in 2004, either. MySpace is now about discovering and sharing entertainment news and media. You still need a profile to “share” your favorite media, but Facebook Connect apparently makes this step automatic. However, once I “connected” with Facebook I could not actually get MySpace to recognize my new login. I kept getting prompted to sign up for MySpace again, with the option of connecting with Facebook (again.) Trying to connect with Facebook was a pointless, endless loop – MySpace was recognizing my connection via Facebook, but it never created a profile.

Was I excited about the potential of this? Truth be told, actually, a little, yes. For the first time in almost three years, I was looking forward to using MySpace and experiencing the new capabilities to share entertainment and media, especially since the Facebook Connect feature enables users to share their new “friends” and other favorites automatically on Facebook. However, the global interest in MySpace seems to be increasing again, and MySpace has evolved into a decent place to find music and media. It does look like there are some bugs to work out, which can only be expected. However, the feature is promising, and the amount of media on MySpace now might just bring me back in a week or two after all the kinks are worked out.

If you already have a MySpace account, will you return to MySpace now that it’s easy to join via Facebook Connect? Or is MySpace really the social network of the past, with Facebook integration a sign of the MySpace demise?