New Facebook Profile Pages – There’s No Going Back

On Sunday, Facebook began to allow Facebook users to “upgrade” to new profile pages, which drastically affect how users’ profile information is displayed. Among these changes include the removal of users’ status from the top of each profile and replaced with a summary of education, residence, hometown, relationship status, and birthday. This “header” is static, along with overhauled left and right sidebars. The left sidebar removes the “about” blurb and now includes “featured relationship” lists of your family, friends, and any customized lists you create. (You can use these customized lists to create a list of your best friends, coworkers, etc.) The right sidebar has been widened and is now a long list of advertisements.

The most important thing to note is that upgrading to the new Facebook profile pages is, first, a choice – you have to opt-in by visiting and clicking the green button at the top, right corner. Second, once you choose to upgrade, you can not revert back to the “old” profile style. Unfortunately, there is no option to downgrade. Also, while you may choose not to upgrade, anyone else who does will still see your profile via the new settings. If you feel like Facebook makes too much of your information readily available to your Facebook friends, simply delete this information from your profile. You may also want to re-visit your privacy settings to ensure some data, like your photos, is protected to only the people you feel comfortable viewing that information.

Have you upgraded your profile settings to the new Facebook, and wish you could go back to the old? Or do you like the new design despite all the backlash?