Fake Amazon Receipt Generator Will Hit Hard

Just in time for the holidays! As with every holiday season, we see the scammers coming out in full force and according to the latest reports circulating out there, this year is no exception. But this time the scams are hitting retailers and not consumers, as the aftermath of a fake Amazon receipt generator makes its way through the various merchants out there.

The Amazon receipt generation software actually creates what look like real Amazon receipts good enough to fool even the most careful Amazon participating merchant. Worse is the expected hit merchants may take this time of year due to perceived orders coming in at a much higher volume.

Now it has been reported that merchants who are aware of this scam will be able to defend themselves well enough against the receipt scammers, but there are still some smaller merchants that may very well let this slide by their own less than perceptive radar.

The message from authorities regarding this scam is simple — be extra careful if you’re a merchant this holiday season, because this year the scammers aren’t just targeting consumers, they are hitting the merchants just as hard.