Using Microsoft Windows 7

There should be an image here!Using Microsoft Windows 7 is a customized, media-rich learning experience designed to help new Windows 7 users master their new operating system as quickly as possible. It starts with a concise, friendly, straight-to-the-point guide to Windows 7 by J. Peter Bruzzese, one of the world’s most experienced Windows trainers and authors.

This exceptional book is fully integrated with an unprecedented collection of online learning resources: online video, screencasts, podcasts, and additional Web content, all designed to reinforce key concepts and help you achieve real mastery. The book and online content work together to teach everything mainstream Windows 7 users need to know.

  • Practical, approachable coverage that completely flattens the Windows 7 learning curve
  • Tightly integrated with online video, screencast tutorials, podcasts, and more: the total learning experience for new Windows 7 users
  • Experienced author, trainer, and expert J. Peter Bruzzese reveals powerful tips and tricks for getting the most out of Windows 7, fast!