Would you Tour Chernobyl?

Now, I am aware of the fact that I am not the most normal dude in the universe. And while my former FAQ page did explain why I am not from another planet (technically, I was hatched here) but seriously… I think who ever had this thought has been too close to the radiation source for too long.

Have you ever thought some one might say “tough vacation choice this year, either Three Mile Island or Chernobyl, we just can’t afford both”? Better yet picture a crying child exclaiming “but I don’t wanna go to Disneyland… I want to go to Chernobyl!”

I can see how people are getting excited about all this talk of space tourism but this one concerns me. For one thing the same Washington Post article states the following;

The ministry also said Monday it hopes to finish building a new safer shell for the exploded reactor by 2015. The new shelter will cover the original iron-and-concrete structure hastily built over the reactor that has been leaking radiation, cracking and threatening to collapse.

Who knows, maybe you get lucky, really get your tour bucks worth and you can watch it collapse when you are there. Geeze, I would sooner jump out of a perfectly good aircraft. Maybe I am just too cynical, the UN seems to be for it.

The United Nations Development Program chief Helen Clark toured the Chernobyl plant together with Baloha on Sunday and said she supported the plan because it could help raise money and tell an important lesson about nuclear safety.

“Personally I think there is an opportunity to tell a story here and of course the process of telling a story, even a sad story, is something that is positive in economic terms and positive in conveying very important messages,” said Clark, according to her office.

Now, how did I know raising money would be part of it? I totally disagree with it “telling an important lesson about nuclear safety.” Here is the summary of “radiation survival” from Lumpy’s autobiographical book “Common Sense: How to be as Dumb a Lump and Still Survive”:

  1. “Radiation can kill you. Therefore, if it emits radiation, avoid it.”
  2. “We can not sense radiation. Therefore, if you even think it emits radiation, avoid it.”
  3. “Even small doses can have lasting effects, many of which we are aware of, most of our awareness of radiation damage is from exposing masses, convincing them it was a “safe” dose, and saying “ooopsie” later. Therefore, if some authority figure is telling you it is safe, avoid it.
  4. I believe Darwinism works. Therefore, if you think it is a good, safe idea to pay money to go tour the “crumbling” shield please buy a ticket and tour often.