LinkedIn for Android Phones

For almost a year now, LinkedIn has offered apps for mobile users on nearly every major phone platform – except Android. Today, this changes as LinkedIn launched LinkedIn for Android. The LinkedIn app for Android phones, currently still in beta, provides Updates from your connections, a list of your Connections, Invitations, and the ability to Search. You can also view your own profile.

LinkedIn for Android isĀ availableĀ for Android phones running Android OS 2.1 or higher. The app isn’t available in Android Marketplace yet. To get it, you must join the LinkedIn for Android group on LinkedIn, which is a subgroup of LinkedIn Mobile. You then visit from your Android phone.

LinkedIn for Android covers the basic functions of LinkedIn, and is especially useful to get in touch with your connections. Via the Connections page, you can easily call or email any of your contacts. It is also easy to add connections, which is very useful to avoid forgetting to connect directly after a business meeting or luncheon. The remainder of LinkedIn for Android is still very bare-bones and seems to be an attempt to compete with Facebook. (But at this point, what social networking app isn’t?)

Does an Android app make LinkedIn more useful, or is this a must-have feature for any company wanting to compete in the social networking space?