How to Connect PC to HDTV Wirelessly

There are plenty of reasons to connect a PC to HDTV for a big screen computing experience. My biggest frustration with most ways to connect your PC to HDTV is the wiring. Buying an HDMI cable long enough to reach the couch where I’m sitting with my laptop is expensive even if I shop at Monoprice. The other alternative is a much shorter HDMI cable putting me within a foot or two of the HDTV screen. When Intel contacted me and offered to send me a Sony Vaio laptop and Netgear Push2TV to test Intel Wireless Display functionality, I leaped at the opportunity. Being able to sit on the couch with my laptop and still connect my PC to my HDTV wirelessly is the Holy Grail of PC to HDTV connections.

If you are inclined to purchase a Netgear Push2TV or similar Intel Wireless Display adapter for your HDTV, be sure you check for software updates. The Push2TV hardware comes with an notice about updating in the box, but even the update from the Netgear site wasn’t the latest version of the software. Intel support has the latest Intel Wireless Display updates for both your computer and the adapter hardware. Having the update made all the difference when it came time to connect my PC to HDTV wirelessly.

Intel Wireless Display technology works by making a second connection over the WiFi radio inside your computer. Because the processor in the computer and the GPU are both made by Intel, they are able to encode the video frame buffer on the fly and stream it over the WiFi connection to any Intel Wireless Display compatible receiver. In my case, that receiver is the Netgear Push2TV, which connects via HDMI to the back of the television. Intel has done a bunch of work around eliminating lag in the connection, so you should see sub-500 millisecond lag in screen changes, which won’t matter much when you are watching a movie because you won’t notice.

To see how the connection works, watch the video where I walk you through the ease of setting up Intel Wireless Display to connect my PC to HDTV wirelessly.