Welcoming New Members To Your Online Community

I’ve learned many things over the past year in my role as a Community Manager of several online communities. For example, I’ve learned that I need to let a community evolve based on the needs and wants of community members.

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I’ve also learned that there are several techniques or best practices that I can employ to increase participation. One such technique is welcoming new community participants. Given the number of online communities competing for the same audience, taking the extra time to welcome newcomers is definitely worth the effort.

Welcoming new comers can be as simple as an introductory email introducing yourself as the Community Manager and providing some tips for getting started in the community to providing a full fledged welcome pack.

If you’re a Community Manager, check out The Ultimate Welcome for Your Online Community’s Newcomers for some great ideas on how to welcome new members to your community.

[Photo above by TheTruthAbout / CC BY-ND 2.0]